TELOS One of the original intentions of the design is to provide developers with a secure, stable, low-cost, yet easy enough to run the world's top Dapp network. At the same time, Telos supports open source and proprietary smart contracts in parallel, low memory RAM prices, zero handling fees, and various unique features provide unprecedented support for your development. Telos network can support up to 5000 TPS (running speed per second), which means super fast response speed and huge scalability. Any operation of your Dapp user can be synchronized to the whole world in 1.5 seconds.

Why choose TELOS

We create a new network that better represents the real purpose of EOS



Telos is built on block chains. All data is encrypted and untouchable. All data is stored on servers all over the world. There is no doubt about its security.


Mobile App

The mobile internet has greatly improved the efficiency of work and life, and the convenient mobile app can easily and quickly trade digital assets anywhere in the world.


Security wallet

The digital wallet that supports multi-platform security can facilitate your application between different scenarios, greatly facilitating our digital life and satisfying applications in various fields.

Exchange Union

How to contact us?

Email:[email protected]